Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tampa, Fl

Painting and refinishing the cabinets in your home is a great way to give it that new updated feel, but there are many colors you can choose from. Tampa Cabinet Painting and Refinishing specialize in painting those tired cabinets with any type of color finish desired whether it is white or gray- these light shades always look fresh! The oak color popularized during the 1990s has fallen out of style; instead, homeowners demand lighter wooden finishes like soft blue hue for their kitchens. No matter what kind of cabinet company service you’re looking for- paint & refreshment, sanding & staining or full restoration -Tampa's got them all covered.


Painting cabinets can seem like a pretty tempting DIY project. But how do the pros manage to make it look so perfect?


The first thing to consider when painting your own kitchen or bathroom cabinetry is safety - after all, if you don't take care of yourself, who will! The second consideration should be prepared. Removing any old coats (this prevents them from being mixed with the new coat and also reduces weight on joints), sanding down bumps and uneven surfaces so that they're smooth before applying primer... And then there's a color selection: this can depend largely on personal preference, but an idea worth considering would be coordinating colors in different rooms around your house for consistency purposes. There are plenty more things to think about too--such as how much paint you'll need depending on

If you’ve read every how-to article on painting cabinets, then it's safe to say that you're a pro. So if any of the tips below sound familiar: wash your cabinets first because they need some time and care before being smeared with paint; protect your floors by taping off everything in sight including yourself as well as anything else around so there are no accidents while working near surfaces painted days ago - we have good news for you!


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The process is very different when professionals do it themselves. If anyone has ever seen their kitchen come out looking like this after a painting project gone wrong or finished without proper attention to detail, trust me--you don't want that result again.


Tampa Cabinet Painting and refinishing wants you to have the best looking kitchen possible, which is why they always spray their finishes. This makes it impossible for a DIY painting project because of how difficult it can be to make sure there are no brush strokes or roller marks on your cabinets. It takes serious paint skills in order not leave any imperfections behind when applying coatings by hand that don't show up later - even professionals find this hard!


The Tampa cabinet company knows just what will enhance your home's aesthetics-their skilled painters finishing coats with perfect precision so that everything looks as beautiful as you do.


Our products are for professionals only. We use professional-grade lacquers because they have a silky smooth feel to them and what cabinet manufacturers prefer. They're also the best paint on cabinets hands down, but there's no need to worry if you don't want that look; we offer other great water-based paints too! Lacquer can be tricky though so it’s important not to hurt your projects with our expert services