Closet Cabinet Painting Tampa, Fl

Painting the closets is just as difficult and tedious of a job, but there are many reasons to do it. Firstly, everyone sees them when they open their closet doors - so you will never be able to forget about your messy organization skills again! Secondly, painting your bedroom ceiling can make an otherwise boring room seem bigger than life with all that extra space up high for people in wheelchairs or children on swings. Lastly (and probably most importantly), if someone were ever break into my home I would want him/her stuck inside one particular area where he/she cannot escape- namely MY CLOSET!!!


So much has been written about interior painting; very little online though discusses paint panting closets. For some us who live our


Closet Painting Costs

Painting a closet is an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up the space. It's also common for people not to paint their closets because it doesn't make sense from the return on investment point of view, but I think that this reasoning makes little sense when you consider how often they're used - if nobody sees them, why spend money painting them?


Closet Painting Process

The process of painting the closets can be made beautiful and inviting with a few simple precautions. If cost is not an issue, using the same colour as the rest of your room will offer visual continuity every time you open that closet door. However if this isn't possible or desired to do in terms on budgeting, one solution might involve repainting it lighter shades (monochromatic) versions of wall colours so they are still nice and bright but also more welcoming than darker tones would give off.

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Choosing Paint Color

You're considering painting your closets. That sounds like a lot of work, but it's not as bad as you might think! Here are the steps to consider before getting started: 


1) Take everything out and lay on bed or couch for protection when spraying paint.

2) Choose what color/s will go in each closet- I recommend 3 different colors rather than 2 so that all clothes can be matched with at least one shade; if choosing white then an off white would also match well enough (unless decorating theme is black & whites). A dark gray could provide more contrast while still matching many items without looking too flashy. For example, say there were 4 different colors available – light blue - medium blue - navy


While paint is a personal choice, there are some different types that work better for certain projects. The best paint to use has yet to be discovered! However, flat inexpensive spray paints have been found to work well in most cases and enamel acrylic might do the trick if you're painting doors or trim elsewhere. Always take into account drying time when choosing your color though because it would not make sense if you were going from one project all day long only then find out at nightfall that the other side of your house still needs something painted too!"