Cabinet Refinishing in Tampa, Fl

Is your kitchen just as important to you now as it was when you first started living there? If so, then why not give yourself the satisfaction of a brand new look with our time-tested coating system. Not only does this save money on replacement and refacing costs but can be done quickly by experts all for one low price!


Do you have worn down, broken or older kitchen and bathroom cabinets? When you look at the prices for replacing all of your cabinet doors it seems like a difficult option! But refinishing is an economical alternative to replacement. Cabinet refacing not only saves money but also time as there’s no need to remove any hardware from inside the house before installation can happen. Refinishing beautifies kitchens that are looking dingy due to wear in just one day with our expert team who has years of experience behind them!


Cabinet Refinishing Process

Taking the cabinets off the hinges is an important first step when hiring a professional for refinishing. This stage can be done relatively easily, but it's an extremely crucial one because any damage to parts of your cabinet or countertops would become nearly impossible with them still mounted on their hinges and could lead to undesired results such as accidents that might happen while working around those areas. That’s why most professionals always take the time to remove all doors from their hinges before doing anything else in order make sure you get just what you want out of this process.



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Once you have removed the cabinets from their hinges, it is time to start sanding them. There are a few ways that professionals go about this job and most of them use mechanical sander or sandpaper for the task. To ensure smooth results (and protect your eyes), make sure not to skip any precautions when using these tools like wearing safety glasses and mask as well as avoiding wood chips by maintaining a safe distance with the piece being worked on

The first step in refinishing kitchen cabinetry is removing all cabinet doors so they can be taken apart then refinished if necessary; however, before doing this one must take precautionary measures such as wearing protective clothing including gloves.



There are two options after sanding the kitchen cabinets: either using a coat of paint or finishing the stain. The most important thing to remember is not to show previous damage, so it's better for professionals to apply a primer before painting; but if you're going with just one coat of finish on top and don't want any more work than that, then oil-based paints would be best because they tend to dry harder and last longer.



Once your three stages of cabinet refinishing are complete and the doors are back on, you will have successfully completed a project that was both difficult but worth it. While refacing cabinets may be easier than replacing them entirely, it can also cost more; so while this process does take time and effort to do correctly-if done well then you’ll end up with new-looking cabinets at an affordable price!