Cabinet Refacing Tampa, Fl

If you’re like many homeowners, there is a chance that your kitchen layout will remain unchanged. However, this doesn't mean it can't be updated with new and fresh cabinetry! Cabinet refacing offers an affordable way to renew the appearance of kitchens without removing all of their existing cabinets or hardware so they are not lost forever in your home.


If you're like most homeowners who want to keep the current look but change everything up inside-out when renovating; cabinet resurfacing might be exactly what's needed for both aesthetic purposes as well as cost-efficiency!


Have you been considering a kitchen refacing project but have put it off for other priorities? What are your thoughts on getting the job done right now with our team of experts at Tampa Cabinets. We will be able to transform and improve your current cabinets into something that is more up-to-date, easier to clean, aesthetically pleasing, and made from durable materials so they'll last longer than ever!



The transformation process starts by reinforcing frames with ¼” plywood then applying veneer finishes like real wood or laminate which can resist spills much better than traditional cabinetry. Our skilled craftsmen measure each frame precisely in order to ensure seamless color matching between new doors/drawers fronts , moldings etc., hinges knobs.


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Design and Selection

As the homeowner determines what modifications and changes they would like to make, it is important that we discuss these details in order for us to be able to accurately estimate a project cost. This way if there are any new cabinets needed or existing cabinetry needs modification, we can get them ordered before hand so work time isn't wasted waiting on material orders.


Cabinet Prep

Cabinets are sanded and prepped before being refaced with new materials. This is done to ensure the wood will adhere as it should while also ensuring that any previous damage from wear or tear has been adequately repaired.


Skins, Veneer and molding

Skins are a highly specialized component of cabinetry. These pieces serve the dual purpose as an aesthetic end for cabinets and walls, while also providing functionality to protect against moisture or other substances that may be harmful to your home's woodwork. We at Tampa cabinet painting take pride in our workmanship by taking care with each individual piece so it fits snugly into place without any gaps between the skin and surface area being covered (wall, baseboard). Skins can either have finished ends for coverings such as wall paneling or molding on all four sides; unfinished edges which allow installation onto surfaces like concrete blocks; or rough un-finished edges if you're installing them under tile because they won't show when installed flush with floor level.



The refacing process may not be the most glamorous, but it’s crucial to get right. Once we finish up with that part of the job, you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy your new kitchen. Before then though, there are still some finishing touches left for us to install- things like hinges that have soft closing features or trash pullouts if requested by our clientele - little extras that will really tie together all those hard work hours put in so far