Top Cabinet Refinishing Options To Choose

The Kitchen and Living Room are the two most used rooms in our homes. Americans spend 28% of their time at home, which equals about 400 hours per year! That’s a big chunk of your free time right there; you could do anything with that many hours (except for work).
It’s also very important to make these areas appealing because we’ll be spending so much potential leisure-time inside them: cooking meals or cleaning dishes? Having friends over during movie night instead of playing cards by yourself on the floor…it all depends what mood strikes when entering our own domain.

Painting Your Cabinets a Solid Color

A fresh coat of paint can transform your kitchen into a stylish and modern space. Achieving this upgrade won’t take long, but there are some things you should know before getting started:
-Most people make common mistakes when they’re painting their cabinets like applying too much or not enough coats (and then having drips). Make sure to follow instructions carefully so as not to ruin anything! -Another issue with kitchens is that sometimes we try redesigning our old ones by adding new countertops instead; however this will only cause more problems down the line if done incorrectly too–so do find yourself making major changes without taking care first!.

Cabinet Toning

Cabinet toning is a tinted film that you can apply to your old kitchen cabinets after the clear finish. Sometimes, people will do this with one coat of cabinet tinging and then another coat on top for an extra shine or luster in some areas- but not all! The tricky thing about using this product as opposed to spraying paint is really hard getting those pesky spots where there’s no point going down evenly at all… otherwise they’ll notice darker patches showing up on certain parts more prominently than others if applied unevenly which leads me right back into my original point: how much time does anyone have when dealing only with their own home?
Our team always uses professional equipment so we know what works best -no matter whether it be spraying.

Cabinet Glazing for a Distressed Look

Another great way to spruce up tired cabinets in your old kitchen is with cabinet glaze. This technique will make you one of a kind!
If traditional looks are what you crave, then this option could be just the thing for making those doors shine again without needing too much work on their own side either- depending on how badly damaged they’ve become over time and how many were already painted before being covered by years worth of dust bunnies who thought hanging out there was enough enjoyment– yes? Don’t worry about living spaces getting messy though because all that matters really at this point might have been scraping off some chipped paint here or wiping away excess glue when doing repairs after realizing.

Pinstripe Glazing

A pinstripe glazing technique adds high-impact and contrast to your cabinets by accentuating the architectural details. To create this look, you can use a color that contrasts with their original surface for an even greater impact on them!
Pinstripe glassing is similar in many ways as it creates its Distressed effect using the same type of tinted Glaze but not entire cabinet surfaces; applying only grooves will give rise to perfect Pinstripes – adding more depth into design while still being subtle enough so as not to distract from beautiful finish work done elsewhere throughout home decorating industry today.

Cabinet Resurfacing

For those who are looking to update their kitchen with modern cabinets, resurfacing is an excellent option. The process of replacing old doors and fronts for new ones can be done at any time without having too much hassle or expense involved in comparison with other means of updating your space – though it comes at the cost of being unable to change certain aspects such as layouts which may not work well if you don’t want anything different from what was there before (like adding crown molding). On top of all this great news about saving money on labor costs? You still get tinted paint jobs every single time!

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